Watch Movement


Movement means the watch’s working mechanism. For many years, watch enthusiasts have been debating the most precise movement: mechanical, quartz or automatic.



Mechanical movement is fueled by a winding spring which has to be either manually wound or uses hand movements to be wound automatically. When the energy of the spring releases, it allows the gears in the watch to turn, thereby moving its hands. The winding can also be accomplished by certain add-on watch winders.

Hence, mechanical watches have 2 sub-categories:

  • Mechanical hand-wound: The spring needs to be manually wound each time or using a watch winder. Click here to buy mechanical watches online India
  • Automatic (or Mechanical Self-winding ): It uses the hand movements to wind the spring which stores the energy which is later used for running the watch. In theory, these watches can last a lifetime without requiring any battery replacements. But the main drawback is that if the watch is unused for 1-3 days, then the watch will stop. Thus the wearer will have to re-adjust the time to use it again. Click here to buy automatic watches online India



Quartz watches are widely popular and are one of the cheapest watch movements. It uses a battery to run a motor which powers the watch mechanism. Click here to buy quartz watches online India