A watch for every occasion! (Women’s edition)


“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches” ~Clive Owen
Do you often wonder which watch to put on during morning rush hour or for your special dates? Let’s decode it.

1. Office/ Formal wear:

When it comes to office wear and formal events, you must pair your attire with the right accessories. Sticking to metal and leather watches is the right choice.



Leather watches are classy and have been the formal wear norm since they first came out. Check out the below collection.


3. Everyday outing/ Casual Wear

It is always a good option to invest in casual wear as you tend to wear it quite a lot. You can bring out the bohemian side in you with scarf watches, multicolored straps & have fun with the dials, why not all?

3. Special Occasions

Let’s save the best for the occasional, let it be girls get together or date night, you will definitely get complimented for these time pieces. Rose gold and classics are in these days.


You can shop all these lovely watches here: www.thewatchstore.in

Men’s post coming soon!



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