Watch Buying Guide – How to choose a watch?

A time may come when you feel the urge to buy a watch though you have no idea of going about it. Or maybe your previous watch broke and you are looking to replace it with a new one. The ideal watch varies for each person based on the different features, materials, and components each one wants. I hope that this watch buying guide can shed more light on your options before you make your decision.


Take into Account the Types

There are three basic kinds of watches, namely analog, digital and a combination of both. An analog watch has minute and hour hands with hours illustrated as numbers, roman numerals or marks. Digital watches show time in numerical format on a LCD or LED face. The combination type has key features of both analog and digital watches.

Analog watches are generally taken as traditional and are ideal for business and formal occasions. Digital watches are considered to be quite casual.  The combination watches are practical since they may be worn on a daily basis and are suitable for work but are not meant for formal occasions.

Identify the Movement Types

Movement types determine where the watches obtain their power from. There are three standard movement types namely quartz, battery and mechanical. Battery movement uses batteries as the sole power source. Quartz movement functions by sending battery power through the quartz within the watch. Mechanical movement depends on the person wearing the watch to wind the elements.

Battery watches are the least expensive and fancy. Quartz watches are a little bit more expensive than battery watches though they have the highest accuracy among the various kinds of watches. They need minimal maintenance which generally involves replacing the battery from time to time. Mechanical watches can be wound by hand or by the daily movements of the person wearing it. Mechanical watches are the most expensive and classy of them all.

Pick a Style

You may purchase watch styles tailored for sports, work, formal events, and casual outfits. Depending on the place where you are headed to while wearing the watch should be the primary factor in deciding the type of style to purchase. If the watch you want to buy will be used for running, swimming or you desire a couple additional features centered on heart rate, then pick a sports watch. If the watch you want to buy will be worn to work, formal events or dates then the most ideal is a dress watch. If the watch will be required for all varieties of occasions from work to daily life, then your best bet is a dress watch. A dress watch gives off a better look if you wear it together with casual clothes than if you wear it with office wear. The Watch Store also houses some unique and unorthodox watches such as wood watches, wood-cork watch, scarf watch etc.

Once you go through the suggestions mentioned above and narrow down your options, you will be in a much better position to decide on the watch to buy.

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