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” Celeb watch Diaries “ We all have that one watch which we save for special occasions.Watches have been part of lives since ages. But their value has definitely changed from being a mere time teller to status symbol. Even during the time for smartphone, watches have stood out and managed to compete. I would be […]

  “Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches” ~Clive Owen Do you often wonder which watch to put on during morning rush hour or for your special dates? Let’s decode it. 1. Office/ Formal wear: When it comes to office wear and formal events, you must pair your […]

Many watch enthusiasts have one very basic question “what is the difference between mechanical and automatic watches?” or simply put “mechanical vs. automatic watches?” This question holds a lot of importance because it is a deciding factor in the watch selection process. Mechanical movements occur in two types: hand wound and self-wound. Automatic watches are […]