The answer differs based on your occupation and age. To simplify this, let’s narrow down the general points! A watch is more than just a time piece; it says so much about you, it can speak so much about you without you knowing it and also how others perceive you.



A good watch is like your morning cup coffee; you may survive without it but coffee makes your day better; it makes you confident. With a good watch, you can divert their attention from your bare wrist to your beautiful time piece. It boosts your confidence by adding the right finishing touch to your outfit.



A wrist watch isn’t a trend which would vanish after few days of presence. Your grand dad wore it, your dad too and now you. A wrist watch is also a great fashion accessory just like a woman’s ring and a man’s cufflinks. You can always use your wrist watch to complement your fashion. The color of a wrist watch can even be used to spice up your fashion.




If not the first thing, it is definitely among the top 3 things to be noticed by your date. A man or a lady that’s always spotted with a quality watch would be admired by many; there is always something classy about a quality wrist watch that its class is seen in the person who wears it. As small as a wrist watch is, it’s always noticed even from afar.



Even if you are not a fan of wrist watches, you would have to admit that sometimes your hand just feels naked when there is no wrist watch on. Minus all the fashionable reasons why you should wear a wrist watch, it also makes you feel complete rather than having that empty feeling on your wrist.


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” Celeb watch Diaries “

We all have that one watch which we save for special occasions.Watches have been part of lives since ages. But their value has definitely changed from being a mere time teller to status symbol. Even during the time for smartphone, watches have stood out and managed to compete. I would be listing such similar stories of our favorite sportsperson around the world.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Mr.CR7 not only scores goals in Football but also in style.This Portuguese player owns a Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 costing : $4500
  2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni : Captain Cool plays it easy with his Apple watch.Just like his game strategies he keeps his watch simple and clear.This watch would cost you $349.
  3. Serena Williams : Undisputedly one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Serena Williams has dominated the sport since she turned pro. But she’s still a woman who likes nice things, just like everyone else in this list she adored her Royal Oak Offshore in rose gold.This watch would cost you $3800.
  4. Usain Bolt : The man who is as fast as lightning and also nicknamed as Lightening bolt earns a Hublot King Power watch, which was mutually designed by him and the brand.It would cost you $42,000.
  5. Tiger Woods : How can I not mention about this legendary player, Tiger Woods keeps it classy in this timeless piece Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deepsea 44mm Steel costing around $11,200.


“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches” ~Clive Owen
Do you often wonder which watch to put on during morning rush hour or for your special dates? Let’s decode it.

1. Office/ Formal wear:

When it comes to office wear and formal events, you must pair your attire with the right accessories. Sticking to metal and leather watches is the right choice.



Leather watches are classy and have been the formal wear norm since they first came out. Check out the below collection.


3. Everyday outing/ Casual Wear

It is always a good option to invest in casual wear as you tend to wear it quite a lot. You can bring out the bohemian side in you with scarf watches, multicolored straps & have fun with the dials, why not all?

3. Special Occasions

Let’s save the best for the occasional, let it be girls get together or date night, you will definitely get complimented for these time pieces. Rose gold and classics are in these days.


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-Samhitha Madala

While going through some articles randomly I came across a piece which states that a 100 year old Swiss Watch was discovered in an 400 year old tomb in China.This made me question the existence of  watch! I thought this was one of our own creation but didn’t know that we just built upon an ancient master piece. So here is my piece of research about the evolution of watch.     

1. Portable Watches -15th century

Portable watches were worn around neck or fastened to clothes by nobilities as a status symbol. They had to be wound (set) twice a day. These have errors ranging from half an hour to hours. They are heavy drum-shaped cylindrical brass boxes with hour hand only.

2. Pocket Watch Gets Accurate -18th century

A timepiece’s regulation system is both its heart and brain: the part where its accuracy is measured. Think of it as a brake, slowly moving power in a consistent way from the tightly wound spring that holds the power and the gear, which moves the hands. The balance wheel and modern escapement finally made timepieces useful for science and navigation.

3. Pocket watches to the wrist -1910s

Aviators and drivers wanted timepieces they could glance at without using their hands – though this was actually considered feminine at the time. During World War I soldiers began to modify pocket watches with straps – and soon after the men’s wristwatch was really born. This was one of the most significant steps in the evolution of  watch.

4. Wristwatches become water and dust resistant -1926

Initially wrist watches were fragile and so there were attempts to shield from dust,water and shock by covering them with rubber gaskets. Though it served the purpose but it wasn’t convenient enough to see the time nor was it appealing. Rolex was the first company to make water resistant watch-”OYESTER”. It has a screw-down caseback, screw-down crown and a screw-down bezel for the crystal.

5. Electronic watches – 1960

Electronic timekeeping was an absolute game changer for science, eventually trickling down to wristwatches by 1957 when Hamilton debuted the original Ventura. The first electronic watches used “humming” tuning forks powered by a battery (typified by Bulova’s Accutron family). Later, forked quartz crystal-based electronic watches further increased accuracy and battery life.

6. Quartz watches enable cheap, ultra-accurate timekeeping – 1970

This is the era of Quartz watches. Initially they were very expensive and exotic but by early 1980’s inexpensive quartz watches dominated. The Swiss watchmakers, considered elite, were divided on the electronic revolution’s place in the future of watchmaking – which ended up being a disruptive force that almost toppled the mechanical watch industry.


7. Computers & clocks Combine~The Calculator Watch is born – 1980

Calculator cum watch are all in rage! These watches were a combination of a calculator and a digital watch and was popularly worn by the engineering elite. It was geek fashion during those days. Companies like Seiko, Hewlett-Packard and, later, Casio made them

8. The connected watch is born, later dies: The SPOT watch -1990’s

The smart watch isn’t today’s phenomena, it started with SPOT in the 90’s. This connected wrist watch offered things like news, weather, stock prices and sports scores by using radio signals but was subscription based.

9. The connected watch is reborn -2010’s

The connected watch or popularly know as smartwatch was reborn. With the help of  communication pathways such as WiFi and Bluetooth it delivered live data and notifications straight to users’ wrists. But there is a lot of scope of improvement as battery life,connectivity issues and software solution need to be upgraded.

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A time may come when you feel the urge to buy a watch though you have no idea of going about it. Or maybe your previous watch broke and you are looking to replace it with a new one. The ideal watch varies for each person based on the different features, materials, and components each one wants. I hope that this watch buying guide can shed more light on your options before you make your decision.


Take into Account the Types

There are three basic kinds of watches, namely analog, digital and a combination of both. An analog watch has minute and hour hands with hours illustrated as numbers, roman numerals or marks. Digital watches show time in numerical format on a LCD or LED face. The combination type has key features of both analog and digital watches.

Analog watches are generally taken as traditional and are ideal for business and formal occasions. Digital watches are considered to be quite casual.  The combination watches are practical since they may be worn on a daily basis and are suitable for work but are not meant for formal occasions.

Identify the Movement Types

Movement types determine where the watches obtain their power from. There are three standard movement types namely quartz, battery and mechanical. Battery movement uses batteries as the sole power source. Quartz movement functions by sending battery power through the quartz within the watch. Mechanical movement depends on the person wearing the watch to wind the elements.

Battery watches are the least expensive and fancy. Quartz watches are a little bit more expensive than battery watches though they have the highest accuracy among the various kinds of watches. They need minimal maintenance which generally involves replacing the battery from time to time. Mechanical watches can be wound by hand or by the daily movements of the person wearing it. Mechanical watches are the most expensive and classy of them all.

Pick a Style

You may purchase watch styles tailored for sports, work, formal events, and casual outfits. Depending on the place where you are headed to while wearing the watch should be the primary factor in deciding the type of style to purchase. If the watch you want to buy will be used for running, swimming or you desire a couple additional features centered on heart rate, then pick a sports watch. If the watch you want to buy will be worn to work, formal events or dates then the most ideal is a dress watch. If the watch will be required for all varieties of occasions from work to daily life, then your best bet is a dress watch. A dress watch gives off a better look if you wear it together with casual clothes than if you wear it with office wear. The Watch Store also houses some unique and unorthodox watches such as wood watches, wood-cork watch, scarf watch etc.

Once you go through the suggestions mentioned above and narrow down your options, you will be in a much better position to decide on the watch to buy.

Leather watches are one of the classiest variants of watches out there in the world. They are perfect for both formal and casual wear. But it is also prone to getting stained. Timely care of your watch strap will ensure it continues to good and feel good along with prolonging its life.

These tips will help you get a clean leather watch strap.

Cleaning Leather Watch Straps:

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Let’s first start with what not to do since a stained watch is better than an unwearable watch!


  1. Do not use a wet cloth or immerse the leather strap in water
  2. Do not use aggressive detergents such as the ones used to wash utensils
  3. Do not dry in the sun as this may cause bleaching in some cases where the leather was artificially colored


  1. Wipe with a dry cloth: Moisture gets trapped between a leather watchband and your skin and hence it is very important to wipe moisture and dirt from your strap after every use. Wiping the leather strap before cleaning it more thoroughly will ensure that dirt will not scratch it when you are scrubbing. A soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth (the ones you get when you buy screen guards or spectacles) is great for wiping a leather watch strap


  1. Scrub with soap and water: Pat down the watch strap with a damp (not wet) cloth. Put a small dab of mild, moisturizing hand soap on the cloth and scrub the watchband on both sides. Rinse and dampen the cloth with clean water and wipe the watchband clean. Dry the watchband thoroughly. Make sure to allow the strap to air dry before wearing the watch


  1. Condition with Leather Conditioner: Leather conditioner keeps leather moist, which can prolong the life of a watchband and keep it shiny and soft. Just buy a pack based on the extent of your watch collection and follow the instructions on the package.

Many watch enthusiasts have one very basic question “what is the difference between mechanical and automatic watches?” or simply put “mechanical vs. automatic watches?” This question holds a lot of importance because it is a deciding factor in the watch selection process.

Mechanical movements occur in two types: hand wound and self-wound. Automatic watches are categorized under mechanical self-wound movements. Below is a simple definition of both of these movements:

Movements: Mechanical (hand-wound) Movements vs. Mechanical (Automatic /self-wound)

Mechanical hand-wound movement is fueled by a winding spring which has to be manually wound. When the energy of the spring releases, it allows the gears in the watch to turn, thereby moving its hands. The winding can also be accomplished by certain add-on watch winders.

Mechanical hand-wound movement

Whereas, in automatic movement, a centrally mounted rotor is activated via the person’s wrist motion. This motion allows the main spring to keep winding thereby providing energy to the timepiece; hence automatic watches don’t need a cell to function. Furthermore, such watches do not need to get wound manually, unless any such watch hasn’t been worn for a long time.

Mechanical- Automatic (self wound) movement

Comparison of Watches: Mechanical vs. Automatic


In terms of appearance, mechanical watches are very similar to their automatic counterparts. Although, many mechanical timepieces consist of see-through glass enclosures that show the watch’s complex inner mechanisms, this includes the inner rocking escapement, springs and gears. For example the Grady Starless is a famous mechanical watch that lets viewers have a peek at its inner mechanisms.
Comparing this to automatic watches, only the main spring is usually on display (example Lige Zodiac) but there are some exceptions to this for example, IK Colouring Triumph.


In terms of dependability, both mechanical and automatic watches are at-par with each other. Both provide water resistant and scratch resistant capabilities.


In terms of showing accurate time, automatic watches often lag behind. This is due to the fact that they greatly rely on wrist movements of the person wearing the watch. Therefore, it is right to state that the automatic watches better cater the needs of the casual watch wearers and generally not for the occasional wearers.

In conclusion, both mechanical and automatic watches have their own relative strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, none can be categorized above the other. Furthermore, this is evident from the fact that both categories have their own prestigious history of offering some top-quality timepieces that have amazed watch enthusiasts throughout the world.


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